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Show Cause Letter

Need reasons for employees’ inappropriate conduct or capacity in the organization?

Use the customizable show cause letter sample to ask them for a valid explanation.

Different employees, different cases to show cause!

Issue this pre-warning letter in the HROne way. Get a free template to use it as per your requirement later.

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Key Highlights

Since it’s not a good news, announce it in the most subtle way.
Also, make sure your employees don’t freak out at the first sight of it. Ask them, but keep it precise by mentioning the 4 main points in your show cause letter format:

What is a Show Cause Letter?


A show cause letter to employee is issued in the course of a disciplinary process. Its purpose is to ask the guilty employee to explain or show cause as to why he/she shouldn’t face disciplinary action. The main reasons behind releasing this kind of document to employees can be:

  • Poor Performance
  • High Absenteeism or Tardiness
  • Behavioral issues
  • Anti-social activities

“If leaders fail to help employees see the larger picture or the “why” behind the work they do, there is a 22% increased odds of employee burnout.” – O.C. Tanner

Why is a show cause letter important?

The most important reason for issuing a show cause letter to employees is to tell them they are being watched and to intimate them of the consequences. Besides, if an employer doesn’t issue such a written notice, it may lead to legal interventions in the future.

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So, to steer clear of the legal troubles and keep your employees on the right track, download the free HROne show cause letter template now!