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Service Agreement Full Time Employment

When you are up for investing in an employee for a long term, and giving them all rights to work full-time with you, a formal agreement is bound to be signed.

This kind of service agreements fall under the ‘legal documents’ category, and thus need extreme focus and care while drafting.

HROne is here for you! Download our employee agreement template and save yourselves from the heavy work of doing new paperwork again & again.

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Key Highlights

The Service Agreement Template for your full-time employees that we offer, comes with all the detailed terms & conditions to be signed by the recipient.
The full-time employment agreement template includes all the necessary statements and undertakings to stay away from legal troubles later including:

What is a Service Agreement – Full-Time Employment?


When two parties (the employer and the employee) indulge in a full-time employment relationship, the latter has to sign and agree to the terms and conditions of the former. This official/legal document is known as Service Agreement – FTE. This agreement is generally issued to the employee with the joining letter before he/she is put on payroll or at the time of converting a part-time or contract-based employee into a full-time one.

45% of employers have raised pay rates and 43% increased benefits in order to stay competitive attracting and retaining talent.” – SunTrust

Why is a Service Agreement – FTE important?

A service agreement issued to the full-time employees is of high importance since the external party, in this case, the employee, holds a lot of confidential data due to the nature of the work and possibly a long-term relationship. So, the document clearly defines all the limitations, restrictions, terms and conditions that the full-time employee must follow to start/continue working with the employer.

If you are confused whether or not you should convert the short-term contract into a full-term employment, let us help you out! HROne offers the best in business performance management software to track & evaluate the employee performance with in-depth reports. It will make the decision-making process easier for you.