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SAP Certification Policy







1 Purpose

The purpose of the SAP Certification Policy is to motivate employees to acquire new skills, continue to be a valued member of “your company name” and facilitate to stay ahead of peers.

2 Scope

The policy is applicable to all employees of “Insert Department Name” in “Your Company Name” across all locations.

  • 3.1 Objectives
    • 3.1.1 To provide career development opportunity by assessing existing talent and building skills for future growth.
    • 3.1.2 To provide an integrated policy framework to build a talent pool to meet the future business needs of the organization.
    • 3.1.3 To serve as a guideline for employees when they plan to apply for the certification, seek reimbursement or incur certification cost.
  • 3.2 Applicability
    • The policy is applicable for all permanent employees and trainees working on the payroll of “Insert Department Name” in “Your Company Name”.
    • The principles of this policy however varies for both permanent and temporary employees (Trainees).
  • 3.3 For On-Roll Employees
    • 3.3.1 On-roll employees who have completed “Enter Months” from date of joining and have become permanent upon confirmation are eligible for company funded SAP certification.
    • 3.3.2 Employees on active PIP or with recorded behavioral or disciplinary issues will not be eligible for company funded SAP certification until they complete PIP successfully or get NOC from their HOD.
    • 3.3.3 Company funded SAP certification for on-roll employees will be payable in the form of reimbursement only wherein the employees will be required to make the payment initially and later claim the reimbursement of the cost.
    • 3.3.4 Should the employee fail in the company funded certification test; then in such case the employee will not be eligible for any reimbursement and will be liable to bear the certification cost by himself.
    • 3.3.5 As the certification is company funded, the employee is expected to sign a “Enter Year” of service agreement to pledge his/her loyalty to the company upon successful completion of the certification.
    • 3.3.6 In case the employee decides to leave the organization during that duration of “Enter Year”, he/she will be liable for recovery of the certification amount funded by the company.
    • 3.3.7 Respective RM/HOD is required to approve the certification reimbursement request and further initiate the same with Talent Management Manager in HRD upon successful completion of certification.
  • 3.4 For Trainees
    • 3.4.1 Trainees who have completed “Enter Months” from date of joining and have a GP performance rating or with performance score >”Enter Score” will be taken on payroll.
    • 3.4.2 However, all Trainees are required to undergo and successfully clear the mandatory SAP Functional/Technical certification program which will be company funded before being inducted as a regular employee.
    • 3.4.3 As the certification is company funded, the Trainee is expected to sign a “Enter Years” of service agreement to pledge his/her loyalty to the company upon successful completion of the certification.
    • 3.4.4 Should the Trainee fail in company funded certification test; then in such case the Trainee will be liable to bear the certification cost as liquidity damages.
    • 3.4.5 Respective RM/HOD are required to initiate the certification request to Talent Management Manager in HRD team by “Enter Duration” with prior employee consent.
    • 3.4.6 Upon fulfilling the induction criteria and successful certification the Trainee will be absorbed as a full time employee with an entry level salary applicable for the department at the given time.
    • 3.4.7 The trainee will be absorbed as a full time on roll employee but will still be required to clear the probation period in order to become a permanent employee.
    • 4.1 Both On-Roll employees and Trainees are eligible for functional and technical SAP certifications at Associate level.
    • 4.2 SAP certification code for Functional Consultant is C_TB1200_90 and Technical Consultant is C_TB1300_90
    • 5.1 The aspirant needs to log on to and register as a new user for Associate level certification using official ID only.
    • To appear for associate level certification based on SAP work experience one needs to fulfil the following criteria:
      • Minimum 1-3 years of SAP implementation experience with minimum of 6 month’s experience in the module and version in which the aspirant wish to take up the certification: SAP experience of 12 months and above needs to be specified.
      • The last 1 year should be with the present employer: 12 months of employment with the present employer needs to be specified. HR or the reporting manager will validate the same accordingly.
      • Present employer should be a customer or partner of SAP: Specify yes and name of the employer accordingly.
    • 5.3 Once the above information is submitted, login ID and password are generated and verified by an email on the official ID. Thereafter, the aspirant is required to login again to SAP website with generated login ID and password.
    • 5.4 The profile needs to be updated by filling tabs of personal details and SAP experience. Once the details are submitted, the filled in profile and project details are evaluated and accepted/rejected by SAP based on the details shared.
    • 5.5 Based on SAP approval, a consent form is sent to HR or reporting manager within a week to verify employee credentials and seek approval. Based on approval from HR and reporting manager, aspirant’s SAP profile is final approved and is provided with options for payment.
    • 5.6 Total fees for directly applying for SAP certification is approximately Rs. “Insert Amount”. However, being a SAP partner, certification fees will be reduced to Rs.“Insert Amount”. On-Roll employees will be required to make the payment at their end and claim for reimbursement later based on approval. For Off-Roll employees, finance will assist in payment processing.
    • 5.7 Once the payment is done, SAP will provide the aspirant with the option of scheduling the certification exam wherein he/she can choose the desired date and time to appear for the test as per the given slots. Upon confirmation of date of certification, SAP sends a formal email with details of the certification examination.
    • 5.8 Result of the certification would finally appear in the status section of the aspirant’s profile on SAP website. If the certification is cleared, SAP education team will share a revised user ID beginning with ‘S’, only to the certified users on registered email ID (Official) with reset password link to create new password.
    • 6.1 The employee shall be entitled for claim or reimbursement as per the provision in the policy documents only. Any claim outside the purview of the policy shall not be payable.
    • 6.2 The employee is advised to read the policy carefully and approach the talent management team to seek assistance or clarification in case of any doubts before incurring expenses.
    • 6.3 The employee is required to attach supporting bills/payment receipts along with a copy of successful certification while filing for claims as directed in the policy. Claims without supporting bills/payment receipts and successful certification will not be processed and will be rejected.
    • 6.4 It is presumed that the employee shall not submit fake bills or supporting documents to claim reimbursement. Any such case would be considered as fraud and may warrant a strict disciplinary action leading up to termination of employment.
    • 6.5 The payroll team responsible for processing claim reserves the right to question or seek clarification from the employee on the claim filed.
    • 6.6 The payroll reserves the right to cancel or reject the claims as per their jurisprudence using the policy as the benchmark. In case of rejection, the payroll team shall provide the employee with the reason for rejection.
    • 6.7 Any reimbursement or claim disputes shall be referred to HR team (Talent Management). The decision of the HRD can’t be challenged and shall be deemed final.
    • 7.1 The policy shall be governed by the HR department (Talent Management Team).
    • 7.2 The verdict of HRD on any disputes or issues with regards to claim or reimbursement shall be deemed final.
    • 8.1 No exceptions shall be made in the policy unless the policy is revoked by the HRD or the Managing Director.
    • 8.2 Any exceptions in the policy can only be approved by Head HR along with the consent of the Managing Director.




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