New Year, New Goals For HRs in 2022

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New Year Hr Goals

As we enter the new year, not even a single person would refrain from saying, “2021 had been a tough year!” All of us have faced our share of ups and downs and roughly tested by time in just one year. But now that the Earth has completed one full circle around the Sun, let us look forward to building new dreams and working upon achieving them. As HR professionals, let’s welcome 2022 and think of what prime HR goals need to be set.

As an HR, the core of your organization’s strategy in 2022 will be defined by the human resources goals. Thus, as you move forward to plan and prioritize new HR objectives, let’s give a few hints on the way: 

Be a leader and take leadership 

CHRO’s now have that same opportunity to become central C-suite players. We believe this is HR’s moment to lead organizations in navigating the future. – Harvard Business Review

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the HR department under the spotlight. But with great power, comes great responsibilities. Now, since the residual impacts of the pandemic’s continue to impact us.

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The HR goals for 2022 must be devised to fulfil a number of agendas and serve purposes like:

  • Keeping the workforce safe and secure
  • Make the physical workspaces safe and compliant
  • Deciding on continuing with remote working or starting hybrid work mode
  • Communicating financial plans or situations to your employees
  • Bringing in new HR technology like HRMS software
  • Keeping employees engaged and maintaining company culture

Focus On Employee Experience and Wellness

Employees are your greatest strength. Without them, you don’t even have an organization.” – BambooHR Report. 

The past year is a proof of  employee experience being more than just a fancy buzzword. Employee experience is a critical measure of an organization’s health. 2020 has made us understand the challenges of working during a pandemic and how emphasizing on the worker health and wellness plays a major role in boosting the organization’s growth.

Talking about HR professionals, it means the future of work will pay more attention and keep a more holistic view of employee well-being in picture. One that exceeds the physical health and reaches the emotional, mental and spiritual wellness of employees.

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For improving employee experience in 2022, here are a few tricks in the form of questions that you can answer:

  • What do you need to make your employees feel healthy and safe? 
  • What resources do you have to offer your employees?
  • What is the way to promote a better work-life balance?

Re-equip Employees To Adapt To The New Normal

Up to 42% of jobs lost to the pandemic may disappear forever and be replaced with some form of automation.

It is not tough to depend on HRMS software, automation tools and artificial intelligence as it was already anticipated before. But the speed of change may give employees a hard time to adapt to the technology and learn new skills for finding a new job. So, within the organization, HRs will be more responsible to retrain the employees to meet the new workplace needs. So, including technology training as part of the HR goals is one of the master keys.

Implement Key Takeaways From 2021 and Stay Flexible

The Evil HR Lady Suzanne Collins states,

We had no idea what we were in for at the beginning of 2021. We’re seasoned now. We know that change will come rapidly…We’re ready.

So what if 2021 didn’t work out like anyone planned? It doesn’t imply that 2022 will be the same. In fact, learning from what 2021 has done to your business and being flexible enough to tackle any unprecedented challenges is a plus point today. 

One good thing that everyone has taken away from 2021 is learning ways to deal with emergencies. So, we are more prepared and face challenges than ever before. Last year has shifted the paradigm and moved the HR and employee experience to the forefront, stressing on its significance to a company’s advancement.

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