5 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making with Recruitment Management Software

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Most companies who buy HR software in India centralize and mobilize their workforce and the company overnight starts to fix their broken pieces. Employees learn to put payroll, attendance, leave and other personal data entry into the software smoothly and are very well integrated into the system. The HR teams handling of the employees and their related issues are much streamlined and are mostly automated. But one thing that most companies neglect with passing time is the importance of the recruitment software. The recruiters are blessed with this software but unfortunately; it is observed that it is not used up to its potential. So here are few mistakes that recruiters make while using recruitment management software.

Under operating the ATS (applicant tracking system)

With HR automation the recruiting department is streamlined with the opening and closing of jobs but limiting the use of recruitment software only as a resume storehouse and job posting program is not enough. Vigorous reporting should assist you to track cost per hire; time to hire and duplicate profiles can be detected which helps you improve processes.

Not integrating the recruitment management software with social media

Today’s applicants are increasingly finding jobs through various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter and so on. Integrate your HR software with various social network by giving candidates direct social sign-in, rather asking their email ids. Enterprises can raise their global existence with this tool as it increases social reach due to social channel integrations.

Not being able to tap ATS’s optimized mobile device access

A majority of the applicants interact on the social media platforms using mobile job search applications so it is important that your job listings are mobile friendly, as well. After the implementation of the recruitment management software, most company’s employees fail to compile it with their respective mobile phones. The workers should take out time to optimize their basic features configured if not done at the time of implementation of the software.

Not saving enough money when you can

The software helps you to take quick decision and right talent acquisition with half the cost but sometimes not paying attention to your recruiting repository might end up in unfulfilled positions and added opportunity cost. To refrain from committing this unwanted cost escalation the recruiter must be attentive and should have hands-on knowledge of using HR software to its maximum benefit. Right hiring helps company in moving ahead happily and monumentally.

The above-mentioned loopholes that are committed by the human resource team by neglecting this power tool are invisible to the companies but if corrected can streamline the basics of the company, making it work smarter and in timely fashion.

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