Employee Engagement Tips to become a‘Great Workplace’

A complete guide to engage employees all through their lifecycle at your workplace

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Chapter 1

Employee Engagement: Know the REAL Meaning

What Is Payroll

Employee Engagement is much more than its literal meaning. Understand the true essence of engagement and reinvent your policies to improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Additionally, learn how the connotation of engagement has changed post-pandemic and what it truly means for present and future-ready- employee-centric workplaces.

Chapter 2

From Onboarding to Offboarding: Know the Best Practices to Engage Your Employees

What Is Payroll

Employee engagement is all about improving your people’s experience and encouraging them to stay longer effortlessly.

Learn why employee experience can’t be ignored at any stage of the employee lifecycle and what could be the best practices to keep them engaged.

Stage 1:

Here’s a checklist of DONT’s to reduce candidate drop-off rate by improving their experience right from recruitment stage. Additionally understand how automation can be the cornerstone to reinvent future recruitment processes.

Hiring is not easy, especially Pre-hiring Process Arrow Big
Recruitment Automation: The Definitive Guide for HRs Arrow Big

Stage 2:

Explore deeper trends in the employee onboarding landscape and understand how the experience and engagement of new joinees can be improved. Learn the best practices to conduct and evaluate your present onboarding process.

Want To Be A Keeper Of The Job-Hopping Millennials? Do This… Arrow Big
Engage new hires with these 15 best practices for onboardingArrow Big
How To Conduct Induction For New Joiners?Arrow Big
Time to Rebuild your Onboarding Strategy!Arrow Big

Stage 3:

Employee Engagement is one of the key elements of strong employee-employer relationship. Understand the roles and responsibilities of HRs and best practices to boost engagement and productivity of employees.

Elements of a Strong Employee-Employer RelationshipArrow Big
How To Boost Engagement And Productivity With Goal Setting?Arrow Big
Roles & Responsibilities of Human Resource Manager?Arrow Big
Make 9 to 5 the “Happy Hour” to get more productive and loyal workforceArrow Big

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21 Tips to Power Boost Your Employee Engagement Efforts

Stage 4:

Here are the quick tips to maintain emotional well-being and conduct appraisals of your people so that they feel valued at your workplace and retention rates can improve.

Additionally, learn how sometimes “Quitely” your work culture becomes toxic and hampers your employee experience:

How To Conduct Appraisal For Your Employees?Arrow Big
5 Practical Ways To Avoid Biased Appraisals That Actually Work!Arrow Big
Being Impolite At Work Can Impact Your Business AdverselyArrow Big
How Can Working Less Actually Make Your Employees More Productive?Arrow Big
Quiet Firing: Is it Ruining your Brand Image?Arrow Big

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Chapter 3

How to Measure and Update Your Employee Engagement Efforts?

What Is Payroll

It’s high time to redefine HR programs with changing work culture.

Here’s a complete checklist to help you evaluate and redesign employee engagement programs best suited to engage your employees.

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How To Utilise Festive Season To Boost Employee Engagement?

Here are plenty of innovative ideas to celebrate every occasion at your workplace and engage your employees to the fullest. Get inspired!