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Internship Certificate

Interns are like a breath of fresh air in an organization. Reward them with the best internship letters using our free HROne internship certificate template at the end of the exciting journey.

A formally drafted internship certificate/letter adds to the resume of a candidate. So, make sure you choose a standard one and give it the best shape.

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We bring you a customizable template to create an internship certificate format that will take your interns a long way.
Make their contribution count and show them you value them by drafting an appealing certificate of completion with the most essential elements:

What is an Internship Certificate?


Both college undergraduates and graduates usually look for an internship program before hopping on to a full-time job. And after successful completion of such short-term training, the interns are awarded with a formal declaration of the accomplishment known as internship certificates.

“About 40% of full-time employees come from a company’s internship program” However, employers are not obliged to hire every employee at the end of the internship program. So, it’s a win-win for both!

Why is an internship certificate important?

The internship certificate entails all-inclusive information about the internship including the start date, end date, duration, roles & responsibilities, learnings among other details. Internships often end up in a Pre-placement offer (PPO), giving the interns opportunity to become an employee from an intern in the same company. This letter also helps them to attain a decent job elsewhere.

Happy with the interns’ performance and dedication towards work? Nurture this talent into a high performing workforce. Track & manage their performance using the HROne performance management software and reward them at the end of their term.

Download the free HROne internship certificate sample/letter template now, and save yourselves from half of the documentation hassle.