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HR Glossary

HR software is integrated multifunction software meant to help employees and management manage their various daily activity, personal information, tasks and goals within streamlined software and perform better at their workplace. From recruiting, payroll, onboarding, performance to travel, leave and time scheduling all are well integrated and can be accessed with a press of a button.

Meant for all businesses of all sizes, the software is available on on-premise or on-cloud. On-premise is usually uploaded on site on computers and can onlu be used during office hourse inside the office. On the other hand, on-cloud HRMS software can be accessed anywhere anytime with an app and an Internet access on your mobile, laptop, desktop etc.

HR software has many components and has transformed the workspace unlike any other software. The HR’s role has transformed with the advent of technology and rather than investing their time in employee profiling and administration work they now concentrate on talent management, employee engagement and future planning.


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