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HR Policy

HR policy is a set of guidelines and rules made by the management for its employees and clients. HR department handles all HR policies as they are the medium through which employers and employees communicate on everyday basis. An employee behavior and code of conduct depends on the HR policies.

HR policy help in smooth functioning of a workplace and acts a shield to protect employers from any lawsuit or legal matter. HR department should make sure that smallest of rules and regulations are written and maintained while making policies. For every different situation there should be a policy written because if not, it can land the company in big trouble by the affected staff or any other competitor.

HR policies should be made in such a way that it is clear to understand and must be revised time to time. Some of the policies found in every workspace are:

  • Workplace policies: they are meant for the employees and help in shaping a work culture around these policies. Some of the policies that comes under workplace policies are At-will employment, anti-harassment and non-discrimination, leave and time off benefits, employee classification whether they full-time, part-time etc., safety and health, meal and break periods, employee conduct and punctuality and so on.
  • Forms and Documents: today, these are well managed in personal profiles of HR software with HR. from Hiring forms, receipt of company property, leave and absence, acknowledgement form for employees, performance and discipline to business expenses.