3 Wise Hacks For Recruiters To Grow LinkedIn Network

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Grow Linkedin Network

LinkedIn is indisputably one of the best recruitment tools for a recruiter. When you have a great LinkedIn network as an HR, there are multifarious benefits you get. The foremost benefit a recruiter gets is in terms of recruitment only. The wider the network, the better. However, if you are struggling to grow your LinkedIn network, this is the right blog for you. In this blog, we tell you four ways to make your account noticeable and network bigger and stronger. After all, recruitment management software cannot take charge of doing everything. Somethings are better done with a hint of human touch to them. Let us begin.

Two cents method

This method was formulated by a growth hacker. It is specifically of great use when you are looking to grow your network on LinkedIn. According to two cents, you should search for the hashtag (in your case- recruitment), and then see some of the top posts. The next step is to read the same patiently and then comment on as many as you can. The comment has to be such that makes the writer read your comment. The post should be meaningful and should reflect like you have read the post. If the frequency will match, he can send you a connection request. (even you can!) Besides, when you will comment your comment which means your LinkedIn ID will also be viewed by many of their followers. All of this will lead to tremendous growth if done appropriately.

Make your account visually appealing

It is extremely important for you to make your account visually different from the rest. This will increase your chances to get noticed by people. For instance, when you write a comment your name should look different so that it attracts some attention, otherwise many of the viewers may just skip the comment. You can write your name in capital letters or use some symbols. You can even add full stops or dash before and after your name.
Moreover, you can also use this while writing posts and statuses on LinkedIn.

Use tags for Thankyou

Never ever forget to say a sweet little thank you to all those who have commented on your post. Don’t just do it to sound humble but also because it is a great way to boost your reach. You can skip liking the comment but don’t forget to tag the person in the comment and say thank you or basically respond to their comment. Your profile will be visible on each of the people’s profile who have commented on your post. Send connection requests and accept some.

This is how you can grow your LinkedIn account. Hope you found the information helpful. After getting the potential candidates from here you can lineup the interviews using recruitment management software and then extend employment offer letter template. Try the hacks and let us know in the comments how they worked for you.

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