it assets management software

IT Assets Management Software

Eliminate the guesswork with HR-One asset management software. Take a complete control of your assets and stop investing unnecessary on assets by simplifying asset tracking and inventory.

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Automate your entire IT Asset Management lifecycle

A smarter, easier, faster and cost-effective solution designed specifically to manage your business assets

Take the Guess Work Out of Asset Management

Simplify the process of asset management and gain a clear view of all your assets with asset management system. Do you know exactly how many mobile phones, pen drives, headphones or laptops you have in your company? When is the warranty due to expire on them? How much did you pay? More importantly, who has got what device and, when they leave, can you be sure that the device they are returning is the one they were given? Our asset management software helps you know what assets you have, where they are, who uses them and all related details with no hassle. Within seconds, you can gain critical insights of your inventory and check the status of assets automatically.

Manage Your Company’s Assets Flawlessly

with India’s top asset management software

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