Workplace Gratitude: A Genuine ‘Thank You’ Goes a Long Way!

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Organizational culture influences the positivity of a work environment. Culture is difficult to define but it surrounds you at work all the time. It is a powerful element and includes spirit of appreciation. The spirit of appreciation is a simple, yet most effective way to boost the morale of the team. It always promotes a healthy culture but many leaders hesitate to show their appreciation.

Many leaders question why it is necessary to show gratitude when an employee has just done the assigned job? Some worry that showing an appreciation can lead to some expenditure. For example, “If I thank her for a good job, she might expect a monetary benefit.” So, instead of saying “I thank you for all the good work you have done.” they would prefer to say “you should be thankful that you got an opportunity to show your capabilities.” But the truth is that employees are frequently expected to achieve goals and targets, which requires them sometimes to go out of the way or push a little extra hard.

We also expect employees to be ever alert to any opportunity or take initiative where possible. To expect such kind of output from your employees, the work atmosphere has to be one, which creates positivity and employees feel that their leaders are taking cognizance of these efforts and appreciate them for it. The morale of the team can nosedive if the team feels that their leaders are taking these efforts for granted.

How important is workplace gratitude?

To create an environment of gratitude, you should always try to express consistent gratitude to your employees. This technique motivates employees and helps increasing your company’s level of success.

The following are scientifically-proven benefits of workplace gratitude:

  • Increases productivity

Be grateful to your employees and the returns will be augmented in productivity. It will boost employees to contribute more towards the organization’s productivity.

  • Increases employee’s wellness

Showing gratitude can also help in increasing employee’s wellness, better sleep habits, and lessening stress. All these factors directly impact employee’s health as well as the organization’s productivity, which means that appreciating employee not only boosts performance but also the employee’s well-being and health.

  • Spreads positive feelings

Implement gratitude into your organization’s culture and the result will be the automatic dispersal of positive feelings across the organization. For example, helping out colleagues with a project or recognizing those that have gone the extra mile.

  • Increases job satisfaction

Be appreciative of your employees if they have gone out of their way to help achieve something. This keeps them motivated and helps them feel satisfied in their jobs.


Every leader is bound to have their own style of functioning. Nevertheless, it is human nature to look for motivation and recognition. Big ticket rewards are always welcome but not feasible on a large scale. An authentic ‘Thank you’ soon after a good deed is done, can help keep the team motivated and satisfied.

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