7 Key Functions of Human Resource Management

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Know what it takes to manage the employee tenure well

Human resource management is all about the humans of the organisation. Much like Democracy, it is for the people, of the people (of the organisation). Wondering how?

  • It is there to hear the concerns of the resources and take corrective actions.
  • It  works towards maintaining peace, harmony and mutual respect in the organisation.
  • It is there to help the humans of the organisation in unleashing their true potential and being the happiest with the organisation.  

To the organisation, human resource management helps in acquiring the best resources, keeping their morale boosted and making sure the resources use the best of their skills towards the growth of the organisation.

Hiring, retiring and everything in between is what the HRM is all about. There is a lot that comes under HR functions. However, there are several functions of human resource management that deserve a special mention. Take a look.

The Recruitment and Hiring Function

The recruitment process involves sourcing, screening, and selecting candidates. The main goal of this function is to attract and hire the best candidate for the open job position within the set budget. Staffing plans, budget and resource requirement are decided before beginning to recruit. Bonus Tip: Use an HRMS software that can be integrated with portals like candidate and consultant. This will help in reducing the time to hire and closing the open position soon.

The Orientation  Function

This role has to do with acquainting and making the new employee know the organisation and vice versa. This helps the new employee in understanding the work culture, ethics and more about the company and senior authorities. The employee is introduced to the team, and the long and short term goals of the organisation are also told to him.

Bonus Tip: Ask the team manager to take the new joinee to dinner or to a gaming hub or club. This will allow him to gel well with the team.

The Performance Management Function

The work environment of the organisation should be such that employees feel motivated. For the same, the HRM work towards making the working conditions good. It hears the grievances of the employees, it also acts as a mediator whenever employees get into a fight. Moreover, it also keeps a tab on the performance of the employees so that it can promote and appraise the employees appropriately.

Bonus Tip: You can use HRMS software for performance management as keeping a tab on every employee performance is difficult. The human brain isn’t designed to store so much of information but a software is.

The Good Employee Relations Function

HR personnel are profoundly known as happiness officers for a reason. One of the human resource management functions is to foster great employee relations. Doing so is essential as it impacts the behavior and work output of every employee.

Bonus tip: Organise group activities and games to build team spirit and rapport at personal and professional front. What could be better than your employees being the best of friends? Just so you know, women who have a best friend at work are 63% more likely to be engaged.  Employee and employer relations also improve that way.

The Top-Notch Training Function

Training and development are yet another function of human resource planning and management. It helps in enhancing the existing skills and adding the new ones. This function isn’t just important for the rapid growth of the organisation but also for letting the employees know that you care for their career growth.

Bonus Tip: Apart from organising workshops, training sessions, you can also ask the employees to share their knowledge. For instance, if one of the salespeople is really good at persuading, you can ask him to train other employees.

The Employee Benefits Function

Even though the HR department is there for the welfare of the organisation, it also has to keep in mind the company budget. The function includes both monetary and non-monetary employee benefits. For instance, salary, bonuses, wellness policy, flexible work scheduling etc.

Bonus Tip: To strike a perfect balance between employee happiness and employer happiness (which lies in cost-saving), try to offer more non-monetary benefits.

The Compliance Function

Every country has their own set of laws to prevent harassment, discrimination and ensure workplace safety. The role also demands to stay compliant to the statutory laws while processing payroll.  

Bonus tip: Use an HRMS software so that you don’t face any issue in doing any sort of HRM functions, especially like these. Why? Because a single compliance error can get you into a long legal battle.

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